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Terugblik - 19 June 2019

Living with Autism - with Filemon Wesselink, Judith Visser and Erik-Jan Harmens

How to live with autism? Both Dutch authors Judith Visser and Erik Jan Harmens investigate the impact on daily life when you have to deal with autism. In her book Zondagskind, Judith draws from her own life. As a young adult she was diagnosed with Asperger, a form of autism.
In his novel Pauwl, Erik Jan Harmens tells of his adult autistic son Paul (which everyone pronounces as Pauwl). Harmens' son read the manuscript and gave his father very useful suggestions for the book. Harmens and Visser both wrote probing stories how to survive with autism in our society.
Host Filemon Wesselink is well known in the Netherlands as a TV presentor. At a later age he found out that he had autism, when he hosted the TV programme Het is hier autistisch (It is autistic here). This programme was in Dutch.

Event curated by Ilonka Reintjens (Writers Unlimited)
Books for sale courtesy of De Vries Van Stockum Books

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