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Terugblik - 9 November 2018

Arnon Grunberg & Abdelkader Benali | Literatuur Late Night

On 9 November, our guest was none other than Arnon Grunberg, author of Tirza, The Jewish Messiah, Blue Mondays, Phantom Pains, and countless other books, and winner of just about all Dutch literary awards, including the Golden Owl and the AKO and Libris Prizes. Grunberg will discuss his latest novel, Goede mannen (Good men), with author Abdelkader Benali. Centring around a Heerlen fireman reeling from his eldest son's suicide, this moving and desperate novel is about a father who believes that a good man always steps aside, that goodness is not much different from longing for goodness. (Dutch spoken.)

Event curated by Bibliotheek Den Haag
Books for sale courtesy of Van Stockum Booksellers

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