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Terugblik - 1 February 2019

Literair Variété - Yvo de Wijs en Pieter Nieuwint

B-Unlimited 1 februari 2019 | Ivo de Wijs & Pieter Nieuwint - foto: Joshua Zijn
B-Unlimited 1 februari 2019 | Ivo de Wijs & Pieter Nieuwint - foto: Joshua Zijn

On Friday, 1 February 2019, B-Unlimited celebrates Poetry Week with Ivo de Wijs and Pieter Nieuwint's Literair Variété, a loving and joyous tribute to lyrics and music.

Starting in 1997, Ivo and Peter performed their Literair Variété on and off for seven years. After they had played all the major cultural centers, Pieter and Ivo created an entirely new program: Literair Varié2. Pieter created new songs and Ivo wrote new verses, but the idea stayed the same: a stage, a piano, a table, and two neatly suited gentlemen.
A third program never materialized, but popular demand was such that they are now touring a compilation show, comprising the best of their two previous shows, plus quite a bit of new material, allaimed to enlighten and amuse. (Note: this performance is two hours long.) Dutch spoken.

Poetry Week 2019 takes place from 31 January until 6 February. This year's theme is freedom, its motto: "No hands, no teeth." Tom Lanoye wrote the Poëziegeschenk Vrij – wij?, the Dutch booksellers' gift to anyone spending 12,50 or more on poetry books that week.

This program was curated by Karin Goedhart (Bibliotheek Den Haag).
Book sales at the venue by De Vries Van Stockum.

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