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Terugblik - 9 December 2016

Rebels with a cause: into the minds of human rights defenders

Nighat Dad
Nighat Dad

What makes a human rights defender? Why do peaceful change makers rise and why do they persevere in spite of of the counteraction, exclusion or threats they regularly encounter?

Unlike announced in programme brochure of Justice and Peace this programme starts at 8.30 p.m.!

Nighat Dad, winner of the Dutch Human Rights Tulip 2016, Dutch war correspondent Minka Nijhuis and Saskia Stolz, founder of the creative socio-political collective Power of Art House will share their experiences and discuss these questions. Together with a panel of worldwide human rights defenders they try to unfold why they keep on striving for a better and just world. This revealing quest into the rebel's mind is led by Hassnae Bouazza (journalist, columnist and television program maker).

A programme in English. Producedby Justice and Peace.

Minka Nijhuis replaces the earlier announced Hans Jaap Melissen.

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