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Terugblik - 17 May 2017

The Good Lawyer - with Britta Böhler

Lawyer Britta Böhler became famous as attorney of ao. PKK-leader Öcalan, former Dutch member of parliament Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Volkert van der Graaf, murderer of Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn.

In her recently published book De goede advocaat (The Good Lawyer) she reflects upon the important questions in her profession. What qualities are essential for a good lawyer? What roles do ethics, loyalty, and social engagement play? And how should a lawyer behave towards in a more and more polarised society?

In her book, Böhler connects examples from her practice to representations of the legal profession in film and literature.

During this B-Unlimited edition, Gerlinda Heywegen interviewed Britta Böhler about her book and by means of film and television fragments: a dialogue about ethical dilemmas, as well about the way in which they can be viewed and solved.

As a lawyer Britta Böhler was involved in some of the most talked about court cases of the last decades. She was a member of the Dutch Senate and affiliate professor Advocacy. Since 2013 she writes novels and thrillers.

Note: Dutch spoken!

A programma curated by Judith Uyterlinde and Ilonka Reintjens (Writers Unlimited).
Book sale by Van Stockum Boekverkopers.
In cooperation with Cossee Publishers

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